Professional Development Workshop

Final Control Elements

I am working on training presentations on some control valve related topics that I am hoping to sell to some local processing plants.


The handout pages consist of PowerPoint notes pages, which consist of slide images, with notes that say essentially what I would say during the presentation.


The topics include most of the subjects that are presented on the "Links" page, but in much more detail (currently 320 pages) and represent my most current thinking on the topics.


Professional engineers in states that require that a licensee complete "Professional Development" hours to renew their licenses might find this handout suitable to use as professional development training. Many states do not require proof of completion, and others do. If you need a confirmation that you have used some or all of the sections in the handout, email me with a list of topics you wish to claim and demonstrate that you have actually studied the material by listing, for each topic, how much time you have spent on it and a list of five things that you learned from that topic. I will send you a certificate of completion. If you don't hear from me in two weeks I may not be able to reply for some reason.


Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments.


Topics in this workshop are:

  Introduction to Control Valves

  Flow Characteristics

  Control Valve Sizing

  Incompressible Flow

  Compressible Flow, Noise Terminology,

   and Aerodynamic noise

  Installed Gain

  Process variability

  Control Valve Material Considerations

  Valve Accessories


Because this is a work in progress, and because I am hoping to to sell live in-person training locally based on this handout, I don't want the file circulating around the Internet. If you want to share this file with someone, please give them the URL to this web page instead of just giving them the file.


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