About me

I have been a Control Valve Technology Specialist for 45 years and over that time I have gained a lot of insight into the proper application of control valves. I recently retired but can't bring myself to completely divorce myself from the world of control valves.

Jon Monsen, PhD, PE OR (Ret.), CA, WA


I will attempt to answer any questions about things on this web site.

It is always nice to hear from someone who has found something useful here.

I seem to be getting older and have less energy than in the past. I am unable to get involved in any sort of consulting services. I can be reached at  CvAppTools@

(In an attempt to discourage robots, I have left off the domain name.

It is the domain associated with Google)

My health has taken a sudden turn for the worse. Don't be disappointed if I don't reply.


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Privacy Policy

I have no way of identifying who views this web site, uses the links or downloads files from it. If you send me an email to the address listed above, I will attempt to answer any questions you ask to the best of my ability. The only email I will ever send you is an answer to your question, or if you request it, I will advise you of any changes I make to any of the Excel sheets you have specifically asked for. I normally save questions sent to me and the answers I provide. I do not share any of these emails or email addresses with anyone. I sometimes reference questions I am asked in future articles or papers, but never identify the source of the question. All the files offered for download have been checked by the latest version of Norton Anti-Virus software. There are some links to the web sites of others over which I have no control and would refer you to their privacy policy.







About this site

I have gathered various information onto this site in the hope that it will be useful to someone. There are separate pages for:

  1.  Excel® worksheets that perform calculations that might be of use to those who deal with or apply control valves. Included are valve sizing worksheets
  2. Articles I have written
  3.  Links to some things that one may find useful
  4. Books I have written or recommend.
  5. Professional Development. The handout booklet for a two- day control valve application training seminar. (320 pages) 

Subjects that are addressed include:

  • Control valve sizing
  • Control valve noise
  • Cavitation in control valves
  • Liquid vapor pressure
  • Gas compressibility factor
  • Determining the pressure drop to use in a valve sizing calculation
  • Control valve installed gain
  • Control valve flow characteristics