Links to Useful Items

This section contains links to several useful items. 


Here is a link to a site where you can download a free program that calculates just about any property of steam, given pressure and temperature. 

 Link to a boiler information website

 Many years ago I found this website, maintained by Lars Josefsson, a person with many years of experience operating boilers, starting up marine steam boiler plants and designing control systems for marine boilers. I am including this link because I thought some of those visiting my website might find some useful information on Mr. Josefsson's site.

 The fifth item up from the bottom of the menu on the left side of his site will take you to a free download of a very comprehensive unit conversion program. I have used this program for many years (ever since the time when it was a DOS program). It includes conversions for just about any category you can think of, 45 of them in all.


 Link to Valin's Unit Conversion Program

 Here is a link to Valin Corporation's unit conversion software.

This is nicely done and easy to use. It was developed for Valin by Pipe Flow a company that specializes in 

software for pipe network analysis and modeling. (I have no affiliation with Pipe Flow.)